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Subject : CRM & Customer Experience
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Title : Sales - Driving sales from lead to close

A 360 view of every customer interaction

With easy access to all your customer information, you can manage every stage of every sale, from lead generation to close. Sales management is simplified, with opportunity analysis available in real-time, along with a snapshot of your whole sales pipeline. Integrated with Sage’s leading ERP systems you can pull together all the data you need for successful lead management, giving you 360o view of all your customers.

Sage CRM Dashboard


A dashboard for instant access to everything you need

An intuitive, customisable dashboard simplifies daily task and activity management. With information from Sage CRM, Sage ERP, and system feeds from websites, sales management has a real-time view of multiple customers’ information. Get up and running quickly using the out-of-the-box sales dashboard, or customise for individuals or teams, based on the person and their role. Monitor opportunities and pipelines, manage calendars and appointments, and identify powerful networking opportunities from LinkedIn®, all from one place. Easy to use, you see everything you need without switching between screens, saving time, and boosting productivity, in a rich and personalised user experience.

Video: An easy to use solution for your sales team

Video: Helping you to keep track of the sales process


Organise your time and manage your administration, easily and quickly

You can access appointments, tasks and contacts from anywhere, using a smartphone or PC, while real-time synchronization with MS Exchange delivers seamless calendar management, ensuring everyone is always up to date. Powerful, built in workflow automates your sales processes, out-of-the box or customised, so you can be certain that leads are sent to the right people, sales managers have the opportunity and forecast information they need, and that all your business opportunities are fully exploited.


Bringing everything together in as integrated solution

Sage CRM integrates with our ERP solutions, pulling data from the back-office to provide a full and accurate view of the customer, so there is less potential for delay, misunderstanding, or error. Sales staff can check the availability of stock across different locations, for example, and know the real-time status of orders. Negating the need to rely on multiple systems, customers will get accurate information, without delays. Customer service is improved, loyalty increased, and promises can be made, and kept.


Mobile access, work anytime, anywhere

Sage CRM offers mobile users the functionality to access critical customer data and work anytime, anywhere. Delivered seamlessly, and in real-time, the full CRM experience is available from iPhone, Android™ or Tablet devices. Ensuring your sales team have fast, up-to-date access to critical customer data while out on the road, your people need never be out of touch.


Powerful reporting and forecasting

Things move very quickly in sales, which is why Sage CRM gives you immediate access to your data, supporting analysis and decision-making. With point and click reporting plus easily accessible, accurate and timely forecasts, you can see what you need, whenever you need it. Powerful analytics can be displayed on your interactive dashboard, in easy to interpret graphical formats.


Automate your sales process, and make sure nothing is overlooked

Tracking all your leads from first contact to close ensures that you focus on the most winnable deals. New customers can easily be identified, while reselling and up-selling to existing accounts is simplified. Leads can be escalated and reassigned simply and quickly, while follow-up activities can be automated so that everything flows smoothly. Effective analysis and management of the sales pipeline means that everyone can see and report on leads, opportunities, and proposals at a glance.


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