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Exact Globe 2003 is Exact's ERP software based on the innovative One-X(More About One-X ...) architecture. With Exact Globe 2003, the full integration of all your business processes becomes a reality. Major advantages are the one central (internet enabled) database, consistent input screens and the transaction table that connects financial information directly to items, resources and assets. Simple entry of information and actual real-time generated reports means that Exact Globe 2003 is genuinely user friendly. The result is that people work with this software quickly, eagerly, easily and pleasantly.

The total ERP solution
Do you need a solution for your complete business administration? Exact Globe 2003 combines all your vital business information in one central transaction database. The modular design allows you to expand Exact Globe 2003 to suit your own needs. All modules are following:-

  • Financial administration
    E-Account (S1000)

    Maintain general ledgers. Create balance sheet.
    - E-Account in Exact Globe 2000; the new generation business administrative software*
    - Drill down from general ledger card right to accounts payable/receivable
    - Reconciling your accounts payable and receivable now 80% more efficient!
    - Quick and easy insight into reconciled entries
    - Reconciliation much easier with simple mouse clicks
    - Enter your payment differences automatically
    - Already enter your invoices for June next year?
    - Save time with new features in the purchase journal
    - No more double work with the ‘Maintain general ledger’ option
    - E-Account really makes your financial administration run smoothly!
    - No more errors with E-Account!
    - Post entries more efficiently than ever
    - Your balance sheet simply explained
    - Analyze your data from a different angle
    - Paperless administration comes one step closer
    - Careful financial treatment of your purchases

    E-Credit Management (S1015)
    Create payment reminders.
    - Efficient management of your debtors' balance with E-Credit Management

    E-Multi Currency (S1020)

    Automatically recalculation with exchange rates.
    - Always the right exchange rate with E-Multi-Currency

    E-Budget (S1050)
    Budget scenarios.
    - Budgeting without restrictions with E-Budget

    E-Cost Analysis (S1055)
    Specify costs per project, item or resource.
    - Cost prices specified down to the cent

    E-Accountancy Standard (S1065)
    Data exchange with third parties or your accountant.
    - E-Accountancy: the essential tool to simplify your accounting needs!

    E-Accountancy Advanced (S1066)
    Data exchange with third parties or your accountant.
    - E-Accountancy: the essential tool to simplify your accounting needs!

    E-External Data Exchange (S1072)
    Data exchange with third parties or your accountant.
    - Intellegent data exchange with your accountant

    E-Intercompany & Fiscal (S1068)
    Create legally obliged and fiscal documents.
    - Clear distinction between fiscal and inter-company transactions

    E-Data Analysis (S1066)

    - We are making it awfully easy to analyze accounting records

    E-XML Server Financial (S1070)
    Import and Export of financial data in XML.
    - Easily exchange financial data with XML

    E-Fixed Assets (S1011)
    Management of fixed assets.
    - Registering and managing your assets has never been so easy!*
    - In control of your assets
    - Correct recording of your investments

    E-Electronic Banking (S1030)
    Electronic bank notes and payments.
    - Become 80% more efficient in reconciling your bank statements!*
    - Complete insight into your cash position through reading in credit card
    - Save time with electronic bank statements
    - Manage your cash flow accurately with the report function in Exact Globe 2000
    - Entering of checks is now easier than ever!

    E-Collection (S1032)
    Automatic collection of debtor payments.
    - Debt collection brings in more for you

  • Logistic administration
    E-Invoice (S1100)

    Create and print invoices.
    - Invoice more efficiently with E-Invoice in Exact Globe 2000*
    - Manage all your products and services from one database!
    - Get more out of your invoice history
    - Respond to the market immediately!
    - Invoicing in installments is easy in Exact Globe 2000
    - Maintain your price lists in Excel
    - All your invoice data up to date in one report

    E-Counter Invoice (S1103)
    Create and print invoices from the counter.
    - Is your sales counter used only for sales?

    E-Commission (S1124)

    Assign commission based on sales results.
    - Grant commissions automatically based on sales performance

    E-Sales Analysis (S1155)
    Insight in volumes and sales results.
    - Your best and worst selling products at a single glance

    E-Order (S1200)
    Create and process sales orders, order confirmations and delivery notes.
    - Faster order entry and processing with E-Sales Order*
    - A powerful tool for large-scale order processing
    - Digital dispatch of your order acknowledgements saves time
    - Management information and reporting at the touch of a button
    - Sales order process handling in pictorial form
    - Flexible payment terms for prepayments on sales orders

    E-Price Management (S1222)
    Price lists per target group, currency, country and date. Price agreements.
    - Maintain your price lists easily with Exact Globe 2000*
    - Take immediate advantage of the market!

    E-Quotation (S1230)
    Create quotations.
    - Total availability of your data lets you make the best quotation

    E-Service Contract Management (S1811)
    Create and manage service contracts.
    - Manage service contracts easily

    E-Back to back order (S1345)

    Create purchase orders based on sales orders.
    - Order fulfillment is now a piece of cake!
    - Better order fulfillment with back-to-back order handling

    E-Inventory Management (S1300)
    Warehouse and item management.
    - Manage your products and services easily and efficiently*
    - Stock processing from inaccurate to innovative

    E-Purchase (S1309)
    Create purchase orders.
    - All your purchase orders arranged practically with Exact Globe 2000*

    E-Warehouse Management (S1311)
    Manage stock and warehouses.
    - Top-notch warehouse management means reliable stock*

    E-Warehouse Location (S1312)
    Subdivisions of warehouses.
    - E-Warehouse Location, for efficient warehouse management!

    E-Serial/Batch (S1325)
    Assign and trace serial or batch numbers.
    - Tracing vital data with batch serial items

    E-Bill of Materials (S1332)
    Bill of materials and item assemblies.
    - Assembly according to Plan with E-Bill of Materials

    E-Shipment (S1340)
    Create shipping documents and trace shipments.
    - Flawless shipping process with E-Shipment*
    - Fault-free order dispatch with E-Shipment
    - E-Shipment: the fully integrated solution for shipping your goods

    E-Return (S1350)
    Process item returns.
    - Returned orders and sales overview

    E-XML Server Logistics (S1370)
    Import and export of logistic data. Exchange orders digitally.
    - Send purchase orders that your supplier can enter automatically
  • Project management
    E-Project (S1400)

    Project management.
    - Put your project managers back in control*
  • Relationship management
    E-CRM (S1800)

    Customer relationship management
    - A clear cross-section of all your relationships with E-CRM

    E-SCM (S1900)
    Supply chain management
  • Manufacturing
    E-Manufacturing (S4000)

    Planning manufacturing processes
  • Human resource management and payroll
    E-Human Resources (S1710)

    Human resource management.
    - Simple recording of extensive personnel information*
    - E-Human Resources: highly enriched through financial information
    - Better customer service with HR scheduling based on availability and skills
    - Employees and your general ledger

    E-Payroll I (S1701) [Not available for Thailand yet]
    Payroll processing.

    E-Payroll II (S1702) [Not available for Thailand yet]
    Payroll processing extended.

    E-Construction Payroll (S1732) [Not available for Thailand yet]
    Payroll processing specially for construction workers.
  • Point of sale
    E-POS (S2303)

    Register counter sales.
  • General
    E-License (S0101)

    License for Exact Globe 2000.
    - Update Exact Globe 2003 quickly and easily
    - New database simplifies your administration
    - Increase your productivity with 'One-X'*
    - Exact Globe 2003 lets you take advantage of the latest technology
    - Quick insight into your transactions with transaction numbering
    - Analyze information and take direct action
    - Debtor ledger: your financial information source
    - All your financial transactions easy to trace

    E-Password (S0110)

    Assign roles and rights to users.
    - Assign roles and rights quickly and easily*

    E-Named User 4 Pack (S0192)
    Access for four extra users.

    E-Multicompany 1 Pack (S0182)

    Access for one extra company.

    E-Excel Add-In (S0165)
    Integration with MS Excel.
    - Reporting made easy with E-Excel Add-In
  • Building Blocks
    Measurement Calculations (S5121)

    - Define your own calculations with Measurement Calculations building block

    E-Matrix (S5126)
    - E-Matrix offers speed and a clear overview for complex product structures

    Incoming Invoice Register (S5311)
    - Never lose another invoice with Incoming Invoice Register building block

    Intercompany account (S5312)
    - Automated CA-entries with Inter-Company Account building block

    Commitment accounting (S5313)
    - Trace commitments with Commitment Accounting building block

    EDI-Order (S5331)
    - Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for Exact Globe 2003
  • Branch specific solutions
    E-Textile (S5125)

    - Textile: Tailor-made, just like your own products

    Exact Building Blocks
    - Get to know Exact's building blocks
  • Linking possibilities
    SDK Interface Toolkit + Financial Interface (S5300)

    - Software Development Kit for Exact Globe 2003
    The Benefits: Exact Globe will help your organization efficiently manage information. By providing immediate access of vital business information, Exact Globe, will significantly improve your ability to manage business operation. With Exact Globe you will realize:
    1. Consolidation of vital all organization information.
    2. A complete profile (including history) of this information immediately accessible by all authorized personnel.
    3. Sharing of information across the enterprise as well as employees working remotely.
    4. Detailed reporting and analysis of information.
    5. Significantly enhance your ability to more effectively operate your organization.
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